Looking to start learning to drive?

Looking for a driving instructor? 🚙

Here’s some things that might help you in your search…

  1. We ARE waiting for you to call! We rely on the phone ringing! I may be busy and you may have to wait if you’d really like me as your instructor, but I’ll always make time to talk to you about how I can help and if you’re eager to get started but I can’t fit you in I can give you some suggestions to get you on the road and practicing safely – or I have some great instructor friends who’s waiting list may be slightly shorter than mine. Either way, ring me! Depending on your availability I may have just the right free slot in my diary!
  2. Asking “how many hours do I need?” when the first few lessons have been completed is a totally reasonable question to ask. I’ll give you my best estimations and together we can set a goal to work towards.
  3. When asked upon enquiry whether you’ve driven before I love to hear your experiences. Even if you think it’s a totally new skill, you will come to lessons with experience of being a passenger. You might be surprised how much you already know! You may even have had a little try at the pedals in a car park with family or mates. How did it go? Was it fun? We’ll spend the first lesson building on that! Ps – if you are having a play in a car park… make sure you’re legal! (And look out for the ANPR! 😉 )
  4. The “cost” of lessons should be up there in your top 3 considerations. Learning to drive can be expensive. But don’t let that put you off. If you’re struggling financially let’s see if we can structure lessons on a way that works for you
  5. Sometimes stuff happens, we get sick, our work shifts change, the sun shines and a mate suggests the beach… and your lesson might not be a priority that day. If you need to cancel at short notice I understand. There are occasions I may also need to cancel. Let’s try and keep that to a minimum as it disrupts your learning. If you want to be picked up or dropped off somewhere different, or bring a friend with you, or your child if your childcare lets you down, then great! They make for great lessons! A little notice will help me plan 🙂
  6. “My mate passed in 5/10hrs…” maybe he did… maybe he didn’t!! Maybe you will… maybe you won’t!! We are all different. I’m pretty sure you do many things different/better than your mate! Let’s work together to do what’s right for you …
  7. If you fail… that’s a real bummer. Failing is actually quite common. There may be a few reasons why you failed but we’ll work together to get you ready for the next test.
  8. If you fail, you can’t retake a test for 10 working days … but you CAN book it immediately. If you feel having a test date is the goal you need then great. Get it booked. We’ll look at what’s available and find a date that between us works. Then we’ll make a plan for making the most of the time we have before the next test
  9. We, as instructors often hear stories about other instructors. I sorry if you’ve not had a great previous experience with someone else. I’m looking forward to hearing how I can help you.
  10. Instructors often think they know best! 😉 Your dad may also think he knows best! Listen to the person you think makes the most sense to you. Ask questions, get me to justify everything I suggest, particularly if you don’t get it or disagree. Do the same with your dad! I have a great fact sheet your dad might find useful, titled ‘the top 10 myths’… it will help him know what’s changed since he learnt to drive!
  11. Be patient with yourself – it takes times to learn. Some find it easy, some don’t. But the way you are taught will make a big difference to how you learn. We’ll work together.
  12. You’re young… you party animal you! If you know you’re out late on Friday night maybe don’t book a lesson on a Saturday morning! I won’t either 😉
  13. Practice makes perfect – every lesson will give you more and more experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what we discover and watching you gain knowledge, understanding and confidence on different roads, ready for you to be driving on your own real soon!
  14. What you put in is what you will get out…if I’m boring you and you’re losing concentration, tell me to shut up! It’s up to me to keep it interesting and enjoyable… and you’ll soon find out I’m a massive fan of questions… so ask me lots! I’ll be doing the same because I’m nosy like that 😉

Whoever you are and whoever you learn with enjoy the journey ! 💯
Have A Good Day 🚗 💨

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