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As a DVSA Approved Fleet Driver Trainer I am able to offer training to Fleet vehicle drivers.

Indeed, more people are killed or injured in at-work road accidents than in all other workplace accidents put together. So, whether you’re a transport manager, a safety professional or a company director, fleet safety is something that you can’t afford to ignore.

Fleet driver training is a core part of a fleet management programme and can not only address the safety of a driver but also can reduce fleet management costs through more fuel efficient driving skills and/or fewer crashes.

The skills Fleet drivers can obtain from extra coaching and the knowledge imparted to them can make a positive difference in improving an individuals overall road safety and raise the standard of Fleet Driving. Meet your ‘duty of care’ obligations and support ‘at risk’ drivers.

  • Fleet driver training that minimises driver risk, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational risk
  • Fuel efficient driving skills that reduces fleet operating costs

Any company’s that are looking for a quality Fleet trainer please contact: info@carladamsdrivingschool.co.uk or call: 07702118103

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