Theory and Hazard Perception Test

Before you can sit the practical driving exam you are required to show you have a strong understanding of road safety procedures by passing the Theory Test. This includes a multiple choice Questions section as well as a Hazard Perception test.

The first part of the test will be made up of multiple choice questions, the second part is the Hazard Perception clips section.

Pass Marks:

Multiple choice questions: 43 out of 50

Hazard Perception: 44 out of 75

In order to pass, both sections must be passed together.

For revision, Carl Adams Driving School offers access to Theory Test Pro to all of our pupils. This means we can keep track of all our pupils theory test training results and offer support and encouraging feedback to all pupils live online. For more information about this please click on the Theory Test Pro link below or call 07702118103.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Carl Adams Driving School

On the very first lesson, our learners also receive there own ¬†personal “Track Record Booklet”, this help’s each pupil monitor there own progress, enabling them to track when they are ready to sit the Theory test. Consisting of helpful graphs and tables to monitor learning improvements, it will be easy to establish when you are ready to sit both the Theory and practical tests.

The Theory Test can be booked via the DVSA Gov website: (Booking with any other website may result in extra additional booking fees being added!)

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