2014 Motoring Milestones

From drink-driving awareness to cat’s eyes, 2014 marks the anniversary of many road safety milestones

2014 motoring milestones

Triangular warning signs first appeared in the Highway Code 60 years ago Photo: ALAMY

3:29PM GMT 10 Feb 2014

It’s 1964 and in living rooms across Britain a jolly black-and-white public information film flickers on to the nation’s television screens with a novel message: “Don’t ask a man to drink and drive.”

It’s short, amusing, innocent and fun and, although nobody knows it yet, it will one day be recognised as a major turning point, the moment when drink-driving begins to lose its gloss of public acceptability.

Fifty years ago millions were still routinely downing “one for the road” before swerving home in the car. So despite hundreds dying each year at the hands of drink-drivers, the film’s central message and title still seemed alien. A little un‑British, even.

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